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Is Fear of Failure Holding You Back From Success???

Jun 02, 2022
Fear of Failure Holding You Back From Success

You want to be successful. You do all the 'things' to get there, from reading the right books to listening to self-improvement podcasts to reciting daily affirmations. But why haven't you found success yet? What is holding you back? In a word: fear. We all face it throughout our lifetimes. Yet, some can overcome their fears and become wildly successful. Why aren't you?

How Fear of Failure Prevents Your Success – and How to Stop It

You have to decide not to let fear hold you back from a successful career, business, family, or whatever. Here is how to recognize when you're allowing fear to take control and how you can fight it:


  1.  You lack excitement to try new things. Are you the friend who goes to the same restaurant and orders the same meal every time? Do you choose your battles so that you ensure you will always succeed? The reality is your fear of failure is holding you back. Next time, try saying 'yes' before letting fear take control, and then follow through. Sure, you might not like that new recipe, but there is always a chance you will.
  2.  There is nothing wrong with working a nine-to-five job. It gives you a steady paycheck and consistency. The problem comes when the fear of leaving your comfort zone is too great, so you accept less than you deserve. You've grown complacent and will accept 'existing' over 'living.' If this is you, it's time to have a heart-to-heart with yourself and take stock of your life. Are you happy with where you are in life? What do you want to change? Now, decide on five steps to make that change.
  3.  You constantly make excuses. You probably have a laundry list of reasons you cannot lose weight, start a business, or reach some other goal. We all have 24 hours a day. How you spend them will make a difference in how successful you become. Try putting your phone away or turning off the television for one hour every day. Use the time to focus on your goal. Soon, your efforts will pay off.
  4.  You compare yourself to others' successes and failures. Consider how you view someone who has become wildly successful. Next, think about how you react when someone fails miserably. This observation will reveal how you assess your own success. Learn from others, but focus on your internal growth while on your path to success.  


Success is a journey that will have its ups and downs, but those who overcome their fears will be the ones to attain the prize.

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