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As the founder of Lose Your Mindset, I am no stranger to Personal and Professional  Development. With over 29 years of Sales, Business and Leadership experience including over 15 years as a Coach, I feel fortunate to have been able to make an impact across several industries for hundreds of people along the way. I believe that EVERYONE wants to be a better version of themselves.... 

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Here's what people are saying...


"Before working with Marvin I had the experience of working with another Coach that was not a good active listener. It's hard to communicate ideas with a Coach you cannot connect with. I needed someone who provided both sides of the spectrum for me. I enjoy that with Marvin because he is easy to talk to and gives hard honest answers. I go inside my own head to solve most things and realize it is always better to have a Coach because we think we are always correct in our own thinking. I had no concerns at all working with Marvin. After working with him, I realized I had to make some hard choices for my business and things had to change. I am responsible for everything in my company and I must lead to the direction I want it to go. If I were to recommend Marvin to a friend, I would you say, "Be prepared to be real. No one has time to pity pat. If you want to be successful, Marvin is going to champion you but you must do the work...cry later “

Inesta Belardo, Owner/ Entrepreneur

B & A Benefit Solutions


"I tried to accomplish a million things at once. Marvin showed me the importance of being able to identify what you are good at and homing in on that before moving on to the next project. Marvin is a person who understands the psychology of human interaction. His expertise is invaluable when it comes to working through problems and implementing business decisions." 

Brian Shelby-Hampton, Broker/Owner
Hampton Realty, LLC


"Before working with Marvin I felt I had little to no support. I had transitioned from one company to another and there were lots of things changing very quickly.  My team was merged into new positions, uncomfortable to say the least. As a coach, Marvin has a priceless quality to allow people to be themselves. He always listened, guided, and coached us when and where we needed. I would tell anyone that he is a “cool” Coach. Every company has details that are required, and he makes sure they are all cared for." 😎

Karen Prioleau



"Marvin is a Coach who both garners and shows respect. Very relatable and helped in every and any way possible. By far the best Coach I have ever worked with. If I were to recommend Marvin to a friend, I would say he's a great guy who is easy to get along and work with."

Simon Sharrock


"I was working at JCPenney as a Manager for 14 years and needed a change. I had to overcome being in charge to having to be led by someone else.  Working with Marvin, helped me get my passion back!!!"

Joseph Zerbo

Suburu Stratford, CT

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